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Featured Business of the Month - Graminex


Graminex - located in Deshler - is the exclusive grower and manufacturer of non-solvent Rye Grass Flower Pollen Extract and a leader in the international dietary supplement industry.

Business functions are run from its corporate headquarters in Saginaw, Michigan. However, the heart and soul of Graminex is located in close proximity to the corporate farms in Deshler. Their 130,000 sq ft manufacturing facility and warehouse manages more than 6,500 acres of farmland here in Northwest Ohio. On these fields active ingredients for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and cosmetic industries are grown, harvested, processed and packaged.

There are few companies in the world that can have the total cycle of the medicinal plant process under direct and strict supervision. Graminex starts with certified seed and uses no herbicides or pesticides. Harvesting is done with patented custom designed equipment. Final processing and private label bottling are completed in their cGMP certified facility.

In addition to these natural Flower Pollen Extract active ingredients, Graminex markets and sells its own line of dietary supplements, primarily focusing on the areas of prostate, immunological and women's health support. Partnering with its distributors, Graminex products are sold in more than 44 countries on six continents.

Committed to Quality, Consistency and Safety

Graminex is the world's leading producer of non-solvent Flower Pollen Extract. Through rigorous manufacturing and quality controls Graminex strives to deliver the most consistent quality product that is free from allergens, pesticides, solvents, lactose, gluten and talc.

Their commitment to safety for both their customers and the environment has led the company to be the only producer of non-solvent Flower Pollen Extract. Graminex is cGMP certified, with bulk products that are independently Kosher and Pareve certified.  They are also recognized as a producer of natural and pharmaceutical products by various FDA's around the world.

Leading Edge Development

Current applications from Graminex include pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, cosmeceuticals, functional foods and beverages and premium pet products.

Graminex offers products from raw pollen extracts, powders, tablets or capsules to finished consumer retail goods for private or branded labels in other native languages.

Graminex also offers custom manufacturing, private labeling and packaging services in their cGMP certified facility. The recent acquisition of a custom designed packaging line allows Graminex to offer a one stop turn-key solution for your product line extension. The flexibility of their facility allows Graminex to meet order quantities from the smallest to the largest. 

For more information on Graminex - contact them at 1-877-472-6469 or email them at graminex@graminex.com.

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