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Gerald Grain Center Inc. Agronomy is located in Ridgeville Corners, Ohio. We offer liquid & dry fertilizer, anhydrous ammonia, bulk & packaged crop protection products, custom seed treating, field scouting, tissue sampling, along with custom application of liquid & dry products. We also offer precision technologies including variable rate application of dry fertilizer and lime. We provide grid, zone, and conventional soil sampling. We can also do custom mapping for your operation by providing you with field maps, as-planted maps, as-applied maps, and yield maps. Our agronomy division uses all major chemical companies & specializes in seed brands FS InVision, FS HiSOY, AgriGold, & WL Alfalfa. Gerald Grain Center Inc. Agronomy is also part of Tri-Way Nitrogen which is a joint venture with two other CO-OPS in the area in which we have two 1.5 million gallon tanks of 28% UAN storage, giving us a total of 3 million gallons in 28% UAN storage in Stanley, Ohio.

Agriculture is changing by the minute and Gerald Grain Center Inc. Agronomy is always improving its plant, applicataion equipment, and technology. Our Ridgeville Corners Agronomy location has recently added three new stainless steel 30,000 gallon fertilizer tanks, a new ten ton dry fertilizer blender with a second load out conveyor to load customers and machines more efficiently. We have also added a second liquid fertilizer semi tanker to help fill our liquid tanks faster and more efficiently fill our patrons on farm storage tanks. Our agronomy plant has also added two brand new John Deere R4038 liquid sprayers. Ridgeville Agronomy is also currently in the process of adding on to its office to add more office space and a conference room. For any agronomy information or questions, contact Greg Peper & Joe Taylor.


GGC FEEDS L.L.C. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gerald Grain Center, Inc. Our focus is providing custom formulation to integrator as well as hobby farmers. This can be accomplished through separate mixing systems for ground vs textured feeds. We work with products and formulation support from Provimi (Akey), Kalmbach and Purina/Land O Lakes Feed companies. We perform routine mycotoxin tests, daily micron corn tests and source ingredients from known suppliers. We have the ability to incorporate liquid fats or liquid molasses.

We would be happy to serve you with your animal feeds needs whether it is your pets, backyard flock or large Dairy or Swine operations. Contact us at 419 445-2451 or 800 344-2451.


Gerald Grain Center Inc. Agronomy carries a wide range of seed corn, soybeans, wheat & forage products from FS InVision, FS HiSOY, AgriGold, & WL Alfalfa. With access to some of the most advanced genetics in the seed business, Gerald Grain Center Inc. Agronomy can help farmers find the right seed for the right acre. For any information or questions on seed, contact Greg Peper & Joe Taylor.


Grain marketing is one of the biggest challenges any farmer faces. The goal of our grain team is to help growers devise a marketing plan that helps you price your bushels at a profit, potentially utilizing a floor under your income while allowing you to take advantage of short-term price moves.

Gerald Grain Center, Inc has the facilities and staff for all your grain handling, storage and marketing needs. With multiple locations throughout north-west Ohio, we’re never far away. Your deliveries can be applied to contracts you may have with us or put into delay price or storage until market prices reach your goals. We have a wide variety of grain contracting options available to help achieve your marketing objectives including:

  • Basis Contract
  • Hedge To Arrive
  • Open Order Contracts
  • Forward Contracts
  • Deferred Payment
  • Minimum Price Contracts

The Gerald branch is the main office located just north of Napoleon in Gerald Ohio. The Gerald Branch is a grain handling facility that has made recent updates to improve unloading speed. It also handles bagged feeds, lawn and garden products, and many other agriculture supplies.

Stop out to one of GGC’s locations or contact them with any questions:

419-598-8015 or toll free 800-783-8015